Addressing COVID-19 with Telemedicine

With entire populations under quarantine and millions seeking medical information and guidance, the current public health crisis around the novel coronavirus has created a heightened need to provide large populations with remote access to medical advice and urgent care.

The Challenge

Around the world, governments and healthcare organizations are racing to put in place the infrastructure needed to allow entire populations immediate access to remote medical advice or even treatment via their mobile devices.

However, putting in place the infrastructure to support telemedicine at scale is a huge challenge that most national and regional governments are unable to tackle on their own.

The solution is to work with an experienced partner with the ability to deploy and operate telemedicine on a grand scale. Ummanu is such a partner.

To remove the barriers now holding healthcare systems back from deploying telemedicine at scale, Ummanu offers an end-to-end solution for setting up and operating telemedicine at any scale, within days.

A Trusted Partner is Required

Ummanu Health Ltd. was established in 2019 to develop an enterprise-grade telemedicine platform capable of supporting entire healthcare systems. Today, the company’s platform is used to facilitate over 1 million remote on-demand medical consultations a year. Our clients include governmental agencies, huge HMOs, large tertiary hospitals, and major healthcare insurers. Overall, Ummanu’s telemedicine platform is currently being used to support remote routine care for approximately 10 million lives.

An Immediate Solution is At Hand

Fully featured VUCC (SaaS) platform

Automated queue management reduces no-shows to near zero

Quickly and easily transform any clinical and operational workforce into a powerful online network

24X7 tech support

• Fully featured enterprise telemedicine platform
• Can be deployed at any scale within days
• Proven solution currently facilitating over 1 million remote medical consultations a year
• Trusted by government agencies, public healthcare systems and private healthcare providers

Walk-in, On-demand Virtual Care Clinic

To streamline the operations of telemedicine at ascale, Ummanu Health Ltd. also offers, alongside the more common scheduled model, a Virtual Urgent Care model. This allows healthcare organizations to rapidly deploy a Virtual Urgent Care Clinic (VUCC). Similar to the on-demand revolution in other fields, such as banking, this digital health model removes the geographical and time barriers inherent in traditional face-to-face models.

An Ummanu powered VUCC allows both clinicians and patients to deliver and receive healthcare services from anywhere, anytime – securly and safely. We know, because we’re already doing it.

A Record of Success

Our VUCC has been deployed and is currently being used as the national Israeli telemedicine infrastructure. Our customers provide urgent medical consultations to anyone in the country – quarantined or otherwise, seeking urgent medical advice or treatment.

Ummanu has an extensive and proven track record in providing telemedicine solutions. Clients include the Israeli Ministry of Health, the two largest HMOs in Israel, large governmental hospitals, and most of the major national medical insurance companies.

Where should we start?

Within 24 hours from call we can have a quick video conference to explore our solution

Within 48 hours from call we can set up an initial Trial environment

Within 7 days from call we can sign a commercial agreement

Within 14 days from call we can setup a VUCC up and running anywhere in the globe

  • Have a quick call to further explore our solution
  • Set up an initial demo within 48 hours to experience our offering firsthand
  • Work together to draft a deployment plan
  • No upfront commitment

Our solution is a game changer. See it in practice.