Our customers are leading the healthcare revolution, today

With Ummanu, customers are able to provide telemedicine services to a growing portfolio of clients, covering millions of lives.

Watch the video to see how Ummanu changed the way they provide clinical services. 

Clalit Health Services (HMO)

Clalit is the largest health service organization in Israel and the 2nd largest in the world, covering 5 million lives. Clalit uses Ummanu to provide out-of-hours remote services in pediatrics, family medicine, and dermatology. Around 20% of all urgent care visits are done using the platform.

Confident in the ability of the platform to effectively replace face to face visits, the HMO is now expanding the operating hours of the existing services, and intends to expand its use to additional specialties.

Leumit Health Services

With Ummanu, Leumit is able to provide remote services in select specialties to over 730,000 lives. 

Hever Group

A large membership organization dedicated to the veterans of the armed forces and police, Hever deploys Ummanu to provide its members with end-to-end scheduled remote consultations covering 24 medical specialties.

National Workers Union

The National Workers Union, one of the largest trade unions in Israel with 100,000 members, uses Ummanu to provide 24/7 remote service in select specialties. 

Medical provisioning by Telemedicine