Clalit HMO

Clalit is the 2nd largest HMO in the world – for their use of the platform. Clalit HMO have been using the platform over the last 4 years to provide their 4.5 million members with OOH urgent care remote consultation in primary and secondary (general practice, pediatrics and dermatology) care. Patients experience and satisfaction scores have been consistently extremely high at 95%+. Outcomes in terms of impact on the health system are very impressive as measured by proportion of inquiries being resolved safely and effectively remotely. For instance in the OOH tele-dermatology service, 95% of inquiries are resolved online while only 5% are referred to face-to-face consultation or A&E. In addition, an internal audit of Clalit’s largest district it was found that 98% who were on internal use only 23 waiting list for an outpatient appointment no longer needed the appointment after attending a virtual consultation. In OOH Urgent Tele-Paediatric Service 87% of patients who have a tele-consultation do not have another interaction with their health provider within the 7 following days. To cite the most recent case using this care model, the platform is used to allow consultant pediatricians from Sheba medical center , the largest centre in Israel, to provide remote C2C consultations to clinicians at Poriya hospital , a small district hospital far to the north of the country. Consultation requests can be setup within the platform itself using a self-service module in the clinician apps/portal. However, to minimize disruption to existing work processes, clinicians can also create requests using their own scheduling systems. A bidirectional integration ensures a seamless experience. Until these hospitals started using Femi’s platform, staff from Tel Hashomer physically traveled 3 hours once a week to Poriya hospital. A failed attempt was also made to use Skype as a remote consultation tools. This solution failed as it lacks any of the peripherals (e.g. scheduling, appointment management, etc.) and/or integration capabilities required for such a service. Being unregulated, it also posed a major data and privacy risk to the organizations. The project enjoys the full backing, operational and financial, of the Ministry of Health, which views it as a solution for mitigating shortage of clinicians in the periphery. Tel Hashomer are so enthusiastic about the potential of the platform, that they have recently decided to expand the activity and offer their consultation services to additional organizations, including the Israel Defence Forces and other hospitals

Medical provisioning by Telemedicine