Q – What internet Browser can be used?

   A – Google Chrome only.


Q – What Devices can I use?

   A – All Mobile Phones and Tablets (IOS & Android), Laptop and stationary computers.


Q – What languages is Online-Doctor available in?

   A – Online Doctor is available in Hebrew and English.


Q – What file types are supported?

   A – PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. File size must be between 50KB to 10MB. The file name can include no more than 50 characters.


Q – Do I have to upload photos prior the Appointment?

   A – Only in Dermatologist service the patient must upload at least 3 photos prior the appointment.


Q – As a patient, do I need to enter my I.D. number to access the system?

   A – if the appointment is created on your name and I.D., then you must enter your I.D. number to enter the App.


Q – As a Clinician / Admin what should I do if I forgot my password?

   A – if you forgot your password, please Click the ‘Forgot Password’ button. If you failed the reset your password, please contact the system Admin.


Q – As a Clinician / Admin, can I use a different email every time I Log in?

   A – No. you must use you Email that were given to the System Admin when you first entered the system.


Q – How can I download the App?

   A – if you wish to download the App, you can enter the App Store or Google play and download the App to your Mobile Device.

Note: if an appointment is created for you a link for download the App / enter the Appointment Via Browser will be sent to you by SMS and Email.


Q – As a patient can I use the service if I do not have access to computer or video calls?

   A – Yes of course. As a patient you are entitled to request that the appointment will take place as a phone call.