A groundbreaking telemedicine solution

Today, it’s clear that telemedicine delivers care on par with face-to-face visits, and that it benefits patients and clinicians.

Studies show that up to 90% of doctor visits currently provided in person can be conducted remotely.

However, even with the COVID-19 pandemic, remote consultations are just a small percentage of urgent care visits, mostly done over the phone.

Let us show you how Ummanu changes all of that.

Just like a real clinic, only so much better

Just like a real clinic, in our telemedicine platform patients wait for clinicians, and not the other way around.

Unlike a real clinic, the process is managed fully automatically to create zero no-shows, unheard of efficiency, high user satisfaction, and novel ways to scale and expand.

Automatic rescheduling

One or more of the clinicians are running late? No problem – our smart robot will automatically contact patients with upcoming appointments and reschedule.

Clinicians have some extra capacity? No problem, the system will proactively contact patients and allow them to push their appointments forwards.

Clinicians have some time to see patients right now? No problem, the system will automatically generate an ad-hoc walk-in queue for them – Uber style  

What you gain

Ummanu changes the delivery of remote care by leveraging advanced technology with real world clinical experience.

Our platform enables healthcare providers to conduct remote visits at scale, in a more effective and efficient way than face-to-face.

All while increasing clinician and patient satisfaction, and maintaining the same quality of care.

You get:

  • Double digit savings in operational costs
  • Near zero no-shows
  • More consultation with fewer clinicians
  • Full command & control
  • Powerful mechanism to generate new revenue
  • Boost to customer satisfaction and loyalty

It's being done today

The second largest HMO in the world uses Ummanu to deploy 170 clinicians to provide OOH, on-demand online urgent care services to 5 million members.

The virtual urgent care center (VUCC) eHub serves as the central access point, matching supply & demand and seamlessly connecting clinicians and patients – wherever they are – for immediate care.

Since July 2020, over 1 million remote visits have been provided, with a new patient pulled from the queue every 10 seconds.

Where should we start?

With our quick and easy set up, you can be up and running in a matter of days.

Contact us.

We will set up a demo within 48 hours so you can experience our offering. We’ll work together on a deployment plan so you can be up and running.

No commitment necessary.

A Trusted Partner

Ummanu Health Ltd. was established in 2019 to develop an enterprise-grade telemedicine platform that supports entire healthcare systems. The platform is  being used to facilitate over 1 million remote, on-demand medical consultations a year. Clients include government agencies, HMOs, hospitals, and large healthcare insurers. Today, Ummanu is supporting remote, routine care for nearly 7 million lives.

Our solution is a game changer. See it in practice.