Empowering Telemedicine

With over 1.5 million remote doctor visits conducted on our telemedicine platform since we went live in July 2020, we are a rising force in the industry.

Our advanced enterprise SaaS telemedicine platform comes out of the box with everything healthcare providers need to deliver remote medical services effectively, at scale.

From a single practice to an entire healthcare system, Ummanu allows you to optimize the clinical workforce, reduce operational costs, and create new opportunities to reach more patients.

End-to-end solution

Advanced digital clinic mirrors the features you'd expect at an office visit - for both doctor and patients.

Technology that allows you to deploy unlimited clinicians in a single network, and provide multiple services.

White label web and mobile platform with simple set up and easy integrations - built to scale.

Improving the delivery of care for doctors & patients

With Ummanu, clinicians can focus on what matters. Our platform allows flexible work schedules, with all the features of a full digital clinic available via web or app. With zero wait for the next patient. 

Our streamlined service means patients can easily click into a virtual waiting room and see a clinician, without waiting days or weeks for an appointment.

The system manages everything automatically, making sure there’s always a balance between demand and supply – whether you’re providing care to millions of patients or just a few.

The Ummanu advantage

We go beyond the limits of geography and resources to transform the way healthcare is provided.

With Ummanu, a small number of clinicians can cover a large population seamlessly, with systems designed to drive patients to the right doctor at the right time, while effectively managing new demand. 

We are revolutionizing telemedicine, today.

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