Welcome to Ummanu

Ummanu is a leading technology company that has quickly gained recognition for groundbreaking solutions. Founded in
Israel in 2016, we are the largest telehealth provider serving patients across Israel.

Our story

Ummanu is a leading technology company that has quickly gained recognition for groundbreaking solutions. Founded in Israel in 2016, we are the largest telehealth provider serving patients across Israel.

In 2022, we expanded internationally, taking our efficiency-driven approach to healthcare systems worldwide. Our dedication to excellence has earned our customers trust and prestigious awards for our exceptional work. 

With over 2 million remote visits handled annually, our platform connects more than 18 million patients with over 500 clinicians who are active 24 hours a day across 26 different clinical specialties. 

Through the power of intelligent automation, we are transforming how healthcare is delivered, at scale.

Our foundation

Ummanu is backed by two very well established companies within the global healthcare market; the Davidoff Group and G Square. 

Founded in Israel over 30 years ago, the Davidoff Group has dedicated itself to enhancing the lives of more than 40 million individuals worldwide. With a strong portfolio of companies including Ummanu, the Davidoff Group operates in the fields of health insurance, med tech, business processes, and cost-control across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Ummanu, a pivotal component of G Square, benefits from the support of this global enterprise, a prominent healthcare private equity investor in Europe and Israel. G Square’s investment encompasses a wide spectrum of healthcare products and services, ranging from healthcare IT to healthcare providers including Femi Premium, Pharmacy2U, Together Dental and Accomplish.

Leveraging this wealth of international expertise in healthcare, business processes, operational cost-saving and a strong financial foundation, Ummanu introduced a groundbreaking solution to the international healthcare market. Designed to streamline remote consultations on a large scale, Ummanu is revolutionising the delivery of healthcare services by enhancing efficiencies, improving patient safety and patient experience. 

Managing team

Itzik Levi


“Ummanu represents a transformative force in healthcare delivery. We believe in the power of intelligent automation to bridge the gap between patient demand and clinical workforce supply. With Ummanu, we are revolutionising remote consultations, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately improving patient safety and the patient experience around the world. Our commitment to excellence drives us forward as we shape the future of healthcare, freeing up clinicians to meet patient demand.”

Nir Ten Bosch


“Ummanu represents a tremendous opportunity for healthcare providers to unlock opportunities through increased productivity levels. Together we work with our partners to transform those gains into new revenue streams from additional services to workforce streamlining to reduce costs. With our pricing model, our partners see a positive return on investment very quickly.”

Dr Eyal Engelhardt, Ph.D

VP Product Development & Chief Strategy Officer

We are driven by a shared vision to improve efficiencies for healthcare providers. Ummanu is a high-tech solution with an intuitive user-interface making it easy to use for both clinicians and patients.”

Shlomi Yael

VP Operations

“Ummanu represents a paradigm shift in healthcare operations. Our focus is on optimising efficiency, streamlining patient flow, and maximising our impact. We support our partners from onboarding through to harnessing the business intelligence data captured to redesign their operations for maximum efficiency.”

Lyudmyla Novoselsky

VP Research & Development

“Ummanu represents our profound comprehension of business processes and operational cost-saving within healthcare systems around the world. Designed in partnership with healthcare providers, our intelligent automation platform is constantly pushing the boundaries of how remote healthcare is delivered.”