Intelligent and intuitive technology that makes
a real difference

Ummanu’s software solution for pharmacy is developed using the most advanced infrastructure and product architecture in existence today, with the highest levels of safety and privacy ensured.

Main Features

Ummanu provides the ability to create and operate powerful telemedicine networks. 


Multi-Format Visits

Streamline unscheduled or scheduled remote visits over phone, video, text or face to face

Automatic Queue Management

No waiting for patients or repeat dialling, just click next and the patient is already there

Virtual Waiting Room

Patients wait for pharmacists in a virual waiting room, just like they would in a waiting room at a GP practice

Eliminate No-Shows

Our automated dialer will only put forward patients that have answered their phone or video call, so no time is wasted

Seamless Integration

Fully supported integrations with existing scheduling, CRM, and EMR systems

Highly Customisable

Optimise system configurations to meet your organisation’s specific goals and work processes

Shift monitoring

Provides transparency and control in shift performance in real-time, so Shift Managers are able to address issues instantly

Shift planning

Based on historical data and trends, intelligent algorithms accurately predict how many pharmacists will be needed for each shift to aid forward-planning and maximise resources

Patient Friendly

There’s a reason 98% patients rate their service as good/excellent using Ummanu

Easy booking

Selected patient groups can automatically be sent emails white-labelled from your organisation to encourage them to book a consultation at a time that suits them

Smart Rescheduling

If an earlier appointment time becomes available, or if a scheduled appointment must be changed, the patient will automatiacally be called and asked if they want to reschedule

More Convenient

Automatic queue management connects patients to pharmacists with minimised wait times

No Installation Required

Patients don’t need to install an app for voice calls

Digital Clinic

Everything you’ve come to expect at a traditional appointment – and more

Allow Independence

Maintain the ability of each provider to operate independently within the network

Support Systems at Hand

Easy integration of EMR, ATD/Scheduling, and more

Flexible Scheduling

Choose when and how much to work

Follow Ups and Referrals

Ensure patient sees the right pharmacist, including continuity of care


Mobile Friendly

Conduct consultations anywhere via web or mobile app


White Label Deployment

Complete control over all system facets, look and feel

Command and Control

Comprehensive management of operations and flow

Data at Your Fingertips

See how many consultations each pharmacist delivers on average per hour, and when they are idle and unavailable to better inform staffing decisions

Create Services Catalogue

Develop a service catalogue to showcase multiple offerings

Set Requirements

Manage services eligibility, preconditions, etc.

Automated Notifications

Eliminate no shows and reduce operational overhead with built-in, smart predictive automation

Customisable Functionality and Reporting

Customise services and business processes to suit your needs, as well as bespoke reports


Support on Hand

Set up tools to enable self-service support

Our solution is a game changer. See it in practice.