Case study highlights success of Ummanu’s first UK partnership Q2 2022

A special award and overwhelming interest from attendees make the two-day UHUK event a standout success.
admin | May 11, 2023

How the Ummanu platform can help to streamline Urgent Health operations

Ummanu partnered with Birmingham and District GP Emergency Room (Badger) in February 2022 to implement Ummanu’s intelligent automation platform alongside their existing patient management system, Adastra. Badger provides around 1.4 million people with OOH and Urgent Care services and saw an opportunity to improve the flow of patients and optimise patient experience.

The partners implemented a virtual waiting room with an underlying predictive dialler that automates the queue management system. The system was configured to Badger’s specific process flow to ensure successful implementation and allow the value to be realised almost immediately.

The objective: Working within the context of a strained healthcare system and financial pressures, Badger wished to reduce patient waiting times and maximise ‘time to care’ while maintaining clinical prioritisation to ensure patient safety. 

Enhanced productivity: Implementing Ummanu improved the process of delivering remote consultations by using intelligent automation technology. Badger was able to offer a virtual equivalent to a face-to-face clinic with enhanced workforce processes to ensure that clinicians had a steady uninterrupted flow of work, enabling more time to be spent on patient care having eliminated the administrative tasks of (re)dialling patients. 

The result: Badger’s staff were able to handle 26% more consultations on average per clinician hour (this figure rose to 50% at the weekends, when demand on services is usually higher).

Enhanced patient safety: The Ummanu system was configured to intercept incoming dispositions from NHS 111. The platform uses an intelligent queue management system to manage and prioritise the flow of patients, based on the availability and productivity of the clinicians on shift and the flow of cases. 

The result: More consistent management of patient waiting lists and case urgency streaming helped Badger to improve patient safey. Within weeks of going live, Badger began consistently hitting the IUC ADC target and assessing 95% of urgent calls within 20 mins (an improvement on their previous achievement of 83%). They were also assessing 99% of routine calls within 60 minutes (up from 80%) against a target of 95%. 

Enhanced patient satisfaction: Automating communications helped to increase the satisfaction and confidence of waiting patients — each patient received a customised SMS notification from a local dialling code letting them know to expect a call from Badger. 

The patient is then contacted automatically shortly before they are expected to be seen by the clinician and placed into the virtual waiting room when they answer. They are then moved into a virtual consultation room when the clinician presses ‘next appointment’ (much like in a traditional face to face environment).

The result: Following each call, the patient receives an automated request for feedback to support service quality assessment. User experience showed that 98% of patients rated the new service as either good or excellent.

“The platform exceeded all my expectations. I’ve never seen user feedback this high for a new service. We have continued working together and are looking to extend the service delivered with Ummanu.”

“The platform exceeded all my expectations. I’ve never seen user feedback this high for a new service. We have continued working together and are looking to extend the service delivered with Ummanu.”

Dr Fay Wilson, Executive Chair at Badger Health Group

“Ummanu is partnering with some of the largest providers of Out of Hours and Urgent Primary Care in the UK and internationally, but we are pleased to create this case study with Badger because it was our first UK partnership. Badger was keen to embrace innovative new methods of patient care and it has turned into a wonderful collaboration. We would like to thank Dr Fay Wilson and the team at Badger for allowing us to share their insights on the effectiveness of the Ummanu platform in an Out of Hours service.”

Itzik Levy, CEO of Ummanu

Badger and Ummanu, together with West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS), were given a Special Award for Crisis Management at the UHUK annual conference in Chester.

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