On-demand, remote healthcare

Our full suite of enterprise services and technology allows healthcare providers and payers to integrate telemedicine services quickly and effectively, with minimal overhead.

With Ummanu, you can cover the needs of large populations with just a few clinicians.  

Win-Win Solution

There are many telemedicine solutions currently available, and it’s estimated that 90% of doctor visits can be delivered online. But why isn’t this happening?

Today’s telemedicine platforms are not built to provide online services at scale. They frequently add just a video/telephone component and are extremely time and resource-intensive to build up. The barriers to entry are high and the platforms don’t live up to the true potential of  advanced technology. 

Ummanu changes all that.  Our platform enables a small number of clinicians to provide services to large populations, effectively and at scale. It delivers significant reductions in operational costs and can handle major increases in patient demand seamlessly.

It delivers care to patients quickly and effectively, it allows clinicians to chose when and where they work, and it empowers providers and payors to create new business models and extend their reach.

Ummanu is a win-win for clinicians, patients, providers, and payors.

Our solution is a game changer. See it in practice.