Ummanu’s first UK event an unparalleled success

A special award and overwhelming interest from attendees make the two-day UHUK event a standout success.
admin | March 8, 2023

A special award and overwhelming interest from attendees make the two-day UHUK event a standout success.

Ummanu recently attended the UHUK Annual Conference 2022 in Chester. It was the first time the event had been held since the start of the pandemic and the perfect audience for Ummanu’s first UK event.

Urgent Health UK (UHUK) members provide out-of-hours and clinical assessment services alongside a range of urgent primary care, 111 and community services, whilst being committed to Social Enterprise principles.  

Although Ummanu operates across multiple continents and markets, the company is only at the start of its venture into the UK market promoting its ambition — empowering telehealth using intelligent automation to improve system productivity in delivering remote consultations at scale. 

Itzik Levy, Ummanu’s CEO, delivered a workshop on the first day of the event alongside Dr Fay Wilson from Badger with whom we have been running a pilot since February. The session, titled ‘From chaos to delight – using intelligent automation to manage the safety, demand and quality in a health system under strain’, was incredibly well received with the session being well oversubscribed.

We presented our partnership case study about how Ummanu has successfully implemented a virtual waiting room with an underlying predictive dialler and automated queue management system.

The Q&As at the end of the talk were an opportunity to answer questions and clarify how the pilot delivered better patient safety for urgent cases, improved patient satisfaction to an outstanding 98% and increased clinician productivity by 26%. 

“The event was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet UK healthcare providers to discuss the issues impacting their sector. We were extremely grateful to Dr Wilson for taking the time to present with us. She has been a strong advocate for our product and the case study was a fantastic opportunity to tell the story of our successful pilot and the value that Badger is getting from using Ummanu’s Virtual Waiting Room.”

Itzik Levy, CEO

One of the highlights of the event was the awards dinner where Ummanu were presented with a Special Award for Crisis Management Service alongside Dr Fay Wilson. The award was in recognition of our collaboration with Badger Health Group and the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) during the cyber attack on Advanced’s software including Adastra. 

The judges mentioned the extent of the challenge faced during the NHS 111 outage and praised the outstanding outcome that was achieved as a result of the collaboration.

Receiving our ‘Outstanding Crisis Response’ Award.

On the second day of the event there were plenty of inspiring talks to listen to and some interesting and hopefully productive conversations with healthcare providers and innovators who are delivering urgent care services. The continued interest was rewarding as we were only one of two exhibitors who had decided to remain for the second day. 

“The event was a great success for us. It was a good introduction to the UK market and the issues that affect service delivery. I would like to extend my gratitude again to Dr Fay Wilson for her support in amplifying the story of our successful pilot. Her willingness to reveal in detail the process and for her ongoing support of Ummanu and our product helped to ensure our presence was of value at our first event.” 

Itzik Levy, CEO

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